Next Generation SedLine®
Brain Function Monitor
More Complete Data, Now With An Enhanced Patient State Index

Next Generation SedLine

  • Less susceptibility to EMG interference,
    by utilising Masimo’s Parallel Signal
    Processing Engines to enhance EEG
    derived parameters even in the presence
    of EMG
  • Improved Patient State Index (PSI)
    performance in low power EEG cases,
    using adaptive signal processing that
    is not limited by defined bands

Reducing Electromyography (EMG) Susceptibility

Next Generation SedLine Brain Function Monitor utilises Masimo’s Parallel Signal Processing Engines to compute an EEG derived parameter including PSI that is less influenced by EMG.

EMG can interfere with EEG signals used in brain function monitoring. Researchers found that EMG interference existed in up to 38% of monitored patients.1,2

This image captures a moment when Next Generation SedLine detects EMG in the two engines depicted.

The SedLine EEG Sensor

  • Four active leads collect data in areas of frontal lobe
  • Streamlined design for simple application
  • Soft foam pads improve patient comfort

Improved PSI Performance in Low Power EEG

Power across all frequency bands decreases with age. Low power, which is often present in the geriatric patient, can present a challenge for conventional brain function monitors.3

Subjects with normal and low power EEG both administered Propofol and in a comparable anaesthetic state.

Next Generation PSI uses adaptive signal processing with band-independent features to offer improved PSI performance in cases of low power EEG.

Next Generation PSI Searches For EEG Features Across Many Frequency Bands

SedLine Features

  • Four simultaneous EEG leads to enable continuous assessment of both sides of the brain
  • Includes PSI, a processed EEG parameter related to the effect of anaesthetic agents
  • Density Spectral Array (DSA) offers easy-to-interpret, high-resolution display of bi-hemispheric activity
  • Multiple screen views expand information while enabling customisation in the OR and ICU

Monitor Display

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