Patient Monitoring and Connectivity Platform to Transform Care

Root® offers multiple high-impact innovations for broad application across the continuum of care.

Root* is a powerful new patient monitoring and connectivity platform that integrates our breakthrough rainbow® and SET® measurements with multiple additional parameters in an integrated, clinician-centric platform. With a dock for the Radical-7 handheld monitor, an instantly interpretable display, and multiple networking/connectivity options, Root integrates multiple streams of data and simplifies patient care workflows, empowering caregivers to help make quicker patient assessments, earlier interventions, and better clinical decisions throughout the continuum of care.

  • > Instantly interpretable, high-visibility display of Masimo’s breakthrough rainbow® and SET® measurements from Masimo’s Radical-7® handheld monitor

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  • > Intuitive, touchscreen navigation for easy and adaptable use in any hospital environment

Radius-7 Wearable and Wireless Monitor

    The Power of Masimo’s Breakthrough Measurements in a Patient-worn Monitor

    • > With breakthrough rainbow SET® technology and wireless communication, Radius-7 is designed to allow patient mobility along with continuous monitoring, enabling early identification of clinical deterioration.

Flexible Measurement Expansion with
Masimo Open Connect™ (MOC-9™)

Root is also designed to expand the platform’s measurements with their own measurements through Masimo Open Connect—or MOC-9™.


MOC-9 Ports

  • > The SedLine® brain function monitoring MOC-9 module advances neuromonitoring to improve the care of patients under anesthesia or sedation. The core product is a state-of-the-art EEG-based brain function monitor utilizing four simultaneous EEG channels.

  • > The ISA™ CO2 capnography MOC-9 module provides precise EtCO2 and respiratory rate measurements with crisp waveforms and virtually no start-up time. Includes Nomoline™ single- or multi-use adapter for cost-effective consumable solutions.

Root is also designed to allow other companies to expand the platform’s measurements with their own measurements through MOC-9—following Masimo’s established development and validation process. Companies interested in developing a MOC-9 measurement can request more information here.

We are actively seeking companies with ideas for additional MOC-9 measurements. Please provide your information and we will contact you for a more detailed discussion.

Integrating Measurements to Enable
Meaningful Use of Health Information Technology

  • > Built-in connectivity gateway through Iris™ for standalone devices such as IV pumps, ventilators, beds, and other patient monitors

Through Iris, Root is designed to provide built-in integration to multiple standalone devices.
Examples include:

  • > IV pumps
  • > Ventilators
  • > Beds
  • > Other patient monitors

Clinician-centric Monitoring with MyView™

  • > Automatic display of parameters, waveforms, and viewing configuration based on the clinician’s presence through MyView™ technology

Customizable For Healthcare Environments

Root with Trend View

Root with Analog View


masimo sedline Product Information
masimo sedline Product Information
Brain Function Monitoring
masimo sedline Product Information
Capnography with ISA CO2
Product Information
O3 Regional Oximetry

* Root is CE Marked.
For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse events.

ISA AX+ and ISA OR+ are not licensed for sale in Canada.