Upgradable rainbow® technology in a versatile, easy-to-use bedside monitor

Choose the noninvasive measurements that are right for your clinical setting — oxygen saturation (SpO2) , pulse rate (PR), and perfusion index (PI) in addition to total hemoglobin (SpHb®), total arterial oxygen content (SpOC™), pleth variability index (PVI®), carboxyhemoglobin (SpCO®), methemoglobin (SpMet®), and Acoustic Respiration Rate (RRa®).

  • > The Rad-87 features Masimo SET® Measure-through-Motion and Low Perfusion™ pulse oximetry. Masimo SET® has been shown in multiple studies to significantly reduce false alarms and accurately monitor for true alarms.1,2


  • > A simple user centered design allows activation of device features with a single touch
  • > Easy-to-read, high-contrast display
  • > One platform, multiple measurements
  • > Alarms and alerts can be modified at the bedside or via the Masimo Patient SafetyNet™* Remote Monitoring and Clinician Notification System
  • > Perfusion Index (PI) with trending capability
  • > Compatible with Philips Vuelink device interface module
  • > Signal I.Q.® provides an assessment of the confidence in the SpO2 value displayed


At-a-glance diagram of the Rad-87's displays

Built-in Radio for Communication with Masimo Patient SafetyNet

Masimo Patient SafetyNet, the remote monitoring and clinician notification system

The Rad-87 features a built-in 802.11 radio, allowing for bidirectional wireless communication with Masimo Patient SafetyNet.

Custom Configuration Options:

Rad-87 configuration options

Rad-87 display button

In addition to SpO2 and pulse rate, the Rad-87 allows users to select and display either SpHb®, PVI® or RRa® on the main screen, with access to additional measurements on subsequent screens.

Rad-87 one-touch alarm button
Instantly access, view, or modify alarm settings at the bedside.
Rad-87 sensitivity button
Choose APOD®, Normal, or Max sensitivity with the touch of a button and verify settings at a glance.



  • 1 Barker SJ. Anesth Analg. 2002 Oct;95(4):967-72
  • 2 Shah N et al. J. Clin Anesth. 2012 Aug; 24(5):385-91.
  • * The use of the trademark Patient SafetyNet is under license from University HealthSystem Consortium.

SpHb, SpCO and SpMet monitoring with Rad-87 is not intended to replace laboratory blood testing. Blood samples should be analyzed by laboratory instruments prior to clinical decision making.

For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.